We send a custom care package at no charge to any military person who is deployed and requests one. The box will include whatever they might miss from home. It is their choice what we put in the box. If the box isn’t full, we will fill it up! This service is open to all branches of the military.


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Donations are always welcome


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About donating items for deployed military please call Jason's Box at:





Jason's Box needs donations of healthy snack items for deployed troops

Foot Powder or Spray


Body Wash

Unscented Wipes/Refills

3 Bladed Razors

Shaving Cream

Small Cans of Coffee


Drink Mix

Protein Bars

Protein Powder

Pre-Filled Toothbrushes (Wisps)




OTC Cold Medication

Face Wash


Body Powder

Pipe Cleaners

Body Lotion


Lunch on the Go Packs

DVD’s (Movies)

Beef Jerky (Assorted)

Beef Sticks

Dried Fruit

Mixed Nuts or Cashews


Snack Items

Unscented Deodorant

Eye Drops


"Thank you so much for both the care packages you all sent me and my friends are truly thankful. God bless you all"

~SPC Beesson


"I received the packages you sent, and I'm really thankful for you and your organization.  I love the items you sent me and I will enjoy them. Thank you, Teri."

~SGT Shivers


"Let me just start by saying thank you. You have made myself and a lot of my fellow soldiers very happy. Receiving your packages has been a huge morale booster in my unit."

~SPC Rice


"I would like to start by saying thank you for all that you do, all the support you guys provide for us soldiers it really means alot thanks. I cant explain in word's how much your care package reminded me of home and I appreciate it. God bless."

~SPC Garcia


"I received your box today and I just wanted to thank you so much for everything, I feel you treated me a little more special because there was so much more than what I asked for in that box. We just got attacked and after something like that, you just look for any kind of happiness to hold on to, and your box did just that."

~CPL Parr


"Thank you again for the treats, sorry I couldn't get my friends in there. Some were off that day and others were out on mission and I just couldn't wait to open them lol. Love the YOYO lol its awesome its been a while, flashlight is very helpful too thank you. Risekrispies :-D my Smile say it all. As im writing this message im enjoying a risecrispy :-) thank you! Hope you like the pictures."

~SPC Sosa


“I hope you understand what your packages represent … Home … Mom … Joy. Know that every package that is sent, a smile is placed on a face of a soldier in Jason’s name.”

 ~SGM Vidal


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